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Question Time

After watching Question Time tonight I got to thinking about a few interesting points that were raised, particularly that on crime, Peter Hain and education.

On the subject of crime, I think that it’s very easy to criticise the government, so i’ll join in! When coming to government, Labour campaigned on the soundbite ‘Tough on Crime, Tough on the causes of Crime’, now, perhaps an assumption here, but crime is now once again a massive issue in the media. If they really were that tough on crime, surely there would be a confidence in government at the moment rather than a moral panic amongst the media and the ordinary person. I’m of the opinion that rather than trying to stop the causes of crime (that is way too big a policy for any political party to state a claim to), why not just create a greater deterrent for crime? Why does life not mean life? Why do we have early release? Why are all our prisons full?! What I propose is that crime is crime and that the sentence should match the crime, i.e life for murder. Maybe i’m some sort of judicial oligarch, but I don’t care, crime is crime and that is the end of it.

 Peter Hain was also a subject that came up, and I fully approve the decision to resign, and might I just say that it was a long time coming! Firstly, he was a completely incompetent cabinet minister and deserved to lose his job, in addition to this, he was a complete crook! £103,000 in undeclared donations! No matter what excuse he has came up with, it will never be good enough, good riddance to bad rubbish.

Finally, the education system, I am in full support of grammar schools and I believe more should be built and funded, (I talk about this briefly in my first blog), excellence should be backed to the full and should always be encouraged, again, this view might well be controversial and I might well be seen as some kind of fascist who believes in a sort of ‘supreme people’, this isn’t true, however, I do honestly and fully believe that those who have the capacity to go further, should be pushed to go further. On the point of Grammar schools, I just wish that there had been one near me, i’m not saying I would have gotten into it, but I would have liked to have tried.

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Peter Hain

Peter Hain must surely be the biggest liability walking around Westminster at the moment, first, his donations scam, in which £103,000 of donations to his campaign for the Deputy Leadership was failed to be declared, and now, it has been found that £154m is spent on tracking the £106m that the government has found has been fraudulently claimed in benefits. That means that £1.50 is spent on every £1 that is found? Ludicrous! This government is a failure, and Peter Hain is the most incompetent Minister the UK has had in a long time.

And it’s happened! Today Hain resigned! Finally!

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What has happened to Great Britain? Once a great meritocratic society, we have now been reduced to trying to sort out the amount of people that exploit the welfare state! As a student, perhaps I don’t have the authority to comment on the taxing system, but 40% taxes for those that earn more than £34,600… This is ridiculous! Why should we, in the words of Robin Hood, “rob the rich to feed the poor”?

I honestly and sincerely believe in the meritocracy – I believe that if you as a person work hard enough then you can work your way up to a higher rung of the ladder in society. There is one simple reason that I believe this, my parents. Both come from poor working class council estates in Bradford, both have worked hard their whole lives, both are now respected members of society and can be proud of all that they have achieved. This reason alone fills me with pride about what my parents have done, and I sometimes think what would I be like if they’d have not put in the hours to get to where they are in society. I couldn’t possibly answer that question, and I wouldn’t stoop so low as to say I would be some “unashamed benefits scrounger” because this unfair; creating some sort of stereotype of people whose parents exploit the benefits system.

Society is not one homogenous group that all follows the same trends and patterns, I wish it was, because then I believe that the meritocracy would become ‘common sense’ and that everyone would work to the fullest capacity that they could, but this isn’t possible, I know this. All that I hope to achieve in my lifetime if I am ever lucky enough to father children is that they believe as fully as I do in the meritocracy and that they work as hard as they can to get to where they want to be.

 Perhaps this has all been a bit off subject, and so I shall return to what my original point was – how we cannot claim to be a meritocratic society in that no longer is there the sense of working hard being one of the greatest characteristics to have in a person, instead, people rejoice in just how machiavellian they can be. This isn’t right! What is going on?! 

Now perhaps I should assess the reason that I believe this has happened to our society: Labour government. The glory days of the meritocracy were under Thatcher, the idea and promotion of the self made man, the privatisation of many state owned businesses and finally, the mass promotion of Capitalism. But since those days, what have we had, Labour government increasing the welfare state? Job seekers allowance? E.M.A? Since the birth of the Welfare State the benefits system has been exploited, but for some reason it is argued that increasing taxes will help to solve this problem, rather than an overhaul of the system, such as making JSA available for a limited time only, say 1 year? Under a Labour government, instead of this, we decide to tax people who have worked hard to get as far as they possibly can be, not just bit more, but twice as much! This is non-sensical in my view.

As much as I apologise for how poorly structured and indeed written this article has been, I honestly believe that the main argument of the article is correct – The Meritocracy is dying, and for what? Our brand spanking new cop-out country? Giving government? Thank God the Conservatives are tackling the important issues that Labour seem to encourage, let’s hope that when Labour are out of Government they understand the importance of Meritocracy, because they’ll be working hard to get back into government, with the current state of things as they are.

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At the moment there are the US Primaries and Caucases taking place, whereas here there is the Conservative Future elections just about to start, this brought me to a question that has been on my mind for a long time now – Brown bottled out of the election stating that he needed time for the country to see ‘his vision’, but to my mind he has no vision! And so my question to our failign government is “When are we going to see what you and your policies are actually about?!”

To my mind, since becoming our undemocratically elected leader, Mr Brown has just copied Conservative policies claiming that he’d already been thinking of them! What?! Is this government serious? It must be absolutely heartbreaking to know that, having waited for ten years, you’re terrible at a job! Tony Blair must be laughing all the way to his bank account, firstly, he’s on a higher wage than Mr Brown, and secondly, he proved without having to do or say anything for the past 6 Months – Year that he is the best Leader and Prime Minister that the Labour Party could ever possibly hope for!

Whilst trying to avoid sounding overly confident or boisterous, the time must surely be up for Brown, at the next election he doesn’t seem to have a chance of winning, although he’ll most probably wait until 2010 before he calls one. It begs the question – should he have been allowed to become Prime Minister without being directly elected by the people? There are hundreds of petitions on the Downing Street Website calling for an election, and I for one believe that if he were to do the right thing then Brown would call one and let the people choose who they want.

It cannot be a comfortable position knowing you’re in a job that nobody wants you to do – i’d like to see just how Browns opinion polls compare with Tony Blairs at the same stage… I bet that would be embarassing!

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Yeah, Really funny Nick…

Nick Clegg has vowed to break the two-party system that encompasses British politics, now, excuse me for perhaps being rude to all the Liberal Democrats out there… But there is little chance of that! Perhaps if the Lib’s got the STV system implemented they would have a chance, but other than that miracle happening there is not a chance!

Firstly – the Liberal Democrats have no party base, so whilst the Conservatives know they can bank a large number of safe seats (as can Labour), the Lib Dem’s have no such luxury, although it could perhaps be argued that they do win a large majority of seats in the Scottish Highlands.

Secondly– can the Liberals ever be considered a viable alternative to the Conservatives or even the current, failing, Labour government? I somehow doubt it, especially considering that, for the first time in a long while, we as a nation have two relatively strong and cohesive parties (perhaps that’s why Brown bottled it?)

Thirdly– Lib Dem have the wrong leader! If Charles Kennedy would have ran, he would have won the leadership at a canter, everybody inside and outside of the Liberal Democrats knows that Kennedy is the most popular man and that the only reason he didn’t run is because of the way he was forced out in his previous Leadership!

So come on, Nick, and stop kidding yourself and stop trying to convince your party that you’re a viable alternative to rule this country, the Liberal Democrats will never break the two party system!

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The first of many blogs, hopefully…

Well, it’s the first ever blog and so I shall address something that is particularly important to me; the Education system. As a student, I feel i’m in quite a good position to criticise what I believe is a failing Labour system. I am completely against the Labour Policy that 50% of young people should be in University as I strongly believe that only the best should be there! If you, reader, can give me a strong argument for the amount of people going to University on, as Boris Johnson put it, “Mickey Mouse courses” then fair play, I will retract this blog, however, I fail to see how it can possibly be good for our country that everyone has a degree and that the best students are being discriminated against in the name of positive discrimination?!

Now, this might well be controversial (although only to those who recieve it) but i hate EMA! Why on earth should the taxpayer be giving their hard earned money away for someone to recieve ‘my first Handout’, it’s a disgrace! What I propose would be a far better solution would be to have an incentives based system, in which, if students attain the best grades they are rewarded with the money that those who recieve EMA are getting. For example, teachers should set work every week, and if the children return this work and gain high grades such as A’s and B’s, then they should recieve the bonus of the ten or thirty pounds a week that others are for turning up and distracting others.

I am by no means saying that if a child needs money to get to college don’t give it to them, far from it, in fact, if the said child presents bus tickets and receipts showing that they have bought what they need for college, and, if they fall in between what is deemed an income in which the money is needed, then yes, give them that money back. However, it is not right and should never be considered right that the system is punishing children who are born into families where they get opportunities, and where it is so easily exploited it is drank away every weekend, whilst other students, who don’t recieve EMA, are working their fingers to the bone in the hope of making something of themselves and getting to the best universities.

In my opinion, individualism and competition gains better results, yes, it is fine to present a level playing field, however, if you do find better students, then give them the chance to go as far as they can! Rather than wasting time on students who are only there for the money, give backing to the students who are going to reward the country by becoming doctors, barristers, nurses, teachers etc.

Finally, as I have already shown my dislike fpr the Educational Maintenance Allowance, I will make my final point, bring back Grammar Schools! They are the only possible way to foster the competitiveness that our country needs to be great again, take the students on the basis of their Year 6 SATs though, and not on the basis of an 11+ test that is easily manipulated to favour the advantaged, because, after all, we want education to be competitive, not exploited.

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