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Yeah, Really funny Nick…

Nick Clegg has vowed to break the two-party system that encompasses British politics, now, excuse me for perhaps being rude to all the Liberal Democrats out there… But there is little chance of that! Perhaps if the Lib’s got the STV system implemented they would have a chance, but other than that miracle happening there is not a chance!

Firstly – the Liberal Democrats have no party base, so whilst the Conservatives know they can bank a large number of safe seats (as can Labour), the Lib Dem’s have no such luxury, although it could perhaps be argued that they do win a large majority of seats in the Scottish Highlands.

Secondly– can the Liberals ever be considered a viable alternative to the Conservatives or even the current, failing, Labour government? I somehow doubt it, especially considering that, for the first time in a long while, we as a nation have two relatively strong and cohesive parties (perhaps that’s why Brown bottled it?)

Thirdly– Lib Dem have the wrong leader! If Charles Kennedy would have ran, he would have won the leadership at a canter, everybody inside and outside of the Liberal Democrats knows that Kennedy is the most popular man and that the only reason he didn’t run is because of the way he was forced out in his previous Leadership!

So come on, Nick, and stop kidding yourself and stop trying to convince your party that you’re a viable alternative to rule this country, the Liberal Democrats will never break the two party system!

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