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At the moment there are the US Primaries and Caucases taking place, whereas here there is the Conservative Future elections just about to start, this brought me to a question that has been on my mind for a long time now – Brown bottled out of the election stating that he needed time for the country to see ‘his vision’, but to my mind he has no vision! And so my question to our failign government is “When are we going to see what you and your policies are actually about?!”

To my mind, since becoming our undemocratically elected leader, Mr Brown has just copied Conservative policies claiming that he’d already been thinking of them! What?! Is this government serious? It must be absolutely heartbreaking to know that, having waited for ten years, you’re terrible at a job! Tony Blair must be laughing all the way to his bank account, firstly, he’s on a higher wage than Mr Brown, and secondly, he proved without having to do or say anything for the past 6 Months – Year that he is the best Leader and Prime Minister that the Labour Party could ever possibly hope for!

Whilst trying to avoid sounding overly confident or boisterous, the time must surely be up for Brown, at the next election he doesn’t seem to have a chance of winning, although he’ll most probably wait until 2010 before he calls one. It begs the question – should he have been allowed to become Prime Minister without being directly elected by the people? There are hundreds of petitions on the Downing Street Website calling for an election, and I for one believe that if he were to do the right thing then Brown would call one and let the people choose who they want.

It cannot be a comfortable position knowing you’re in a job that nobody wants you to do – i’d like to see just how Browns opinion polls compare with Tony Blairs at the same stage… I bet that would be embarassing!

January 10, 2008 - Posted by | The Thoughts

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