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On the way back from Washington D.C. I got to talking with a Muslim friend about the subject of religion and the question came up “Which religion is the right one?”. This created a structured and intelligent argument between us and (very basically) had us arguing the advantages and disadvantages of our own religions. Being a Catholic, and a pretty strong theist, I quite enjoyed this discussion and when asked how I can pick and choose from my religion it got me thinking, and my answer was “because I go with what the Bible says, due to my belief that this is from a divine source, and not from what the Catechism of the Catholic Church says, as that is human made, and in my opinion is just a way of religion controlling people”… This didn’t seem to go down too well with my friend, as he is a devout Muslim and so didn’t really see that religion can be used to control people. Since this conversation I’ve been questioning whether or not, if I was to have that conversation again, I would ever answer anything differently, and to be completely honest I wouldn’t. There isn’t really much point to this blog, I just thought I’d share a little breakthrough I had in my own belief in God, maybe I’m a bad Catholic, but in my opinion, the Bible is right as it comes from God, and the Catechism is wrong, because it is man made.

February 16, 2008 - Posted by | The Thoughts

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