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The most controversial topic in British politics, seemingly…

I read recently an article on the Birmingham University Blog about Enoch Powell, and the first thing I thought was that this is a can of worms that is always open, yet never properly talked about. It’s always argued, and yet never properly. In my opinion, Enoch Powell was one of the greatest and most articulate post-war politicians to have graced our land, when you talk of conviction politicians, it would be fair to say there is no greater than Powell.

Blair, Brown, Cameron and Clegg – give me Powell or Thatcher any day!

To be honest, immigration is so horribly controversial, no-one will ever be right. It’s terrible really, say anything anti-Immigration, and you are a foaming-from-the-mouth, hood wearing racialist, say anything pro-Immigration, you are surrendering the British national identity. And this is why I am choosing to say nothing, until I get into Parliament!

I’d be interested if any readers would like to leave their comments and opinions on Immigration, I’d be really interested in knowing what the consensus view is, so get posting people!

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  1. You are right about Enoch Powell being a conviction politician, there’s not many so honest today, whether you agree with him or not. A couple of Tories are ok and Frank Field is the only Labour MP I have any respect for.

    You better be careful though mentioning Enoch if you really wanna be a Tory MP, look what happened to Nigel Hastilow!

    As for immigration, it’s too much, England is the most crowded country in Europe. The supposed economic benefits in GDP growth do not increase GDP per capita, which is the important measure. And that takes no account of public services or overcrowding.

    Targetted immigration for industries that need it, including short term work permits rather than residence, aiming for zero net population growth is the least we need. And if we reduced immigration, I am sure more well educated Brits would stay. Any ecomony reliant on an eternally growing population cannot succeed forever.

    Of course this means leaving the EU (and joining EFTA?) to retake control of our borders.

    Incidentally, what are the feelings amongst young Conservatives on the EU? And an English Parliament? I’d be interested to know what’s coming through after Cameron.

    Comment by secretperson | March 13, 2008

  2. To be honest I can’t really claim to speak for whats coming through after Cameron, as, from what I have read, I seem a lot more right wing then the majority. It frustrates me a little that we are now a right of centre party because eventually British Politics will be doomed.

    I’m not a big fan of Europe personally, I think that the free trade is good, but when EU Law starts to rule us from Brussels its gone too far. In addition to this, whilst we are one of the largest contributors financially and trade wise to the EU, we seemingly have less of a say then the French, Germans, or even Flemish!

    On the English Parliament point, I personally am in great support of giving Scotland independence and not subsidising them anymore. Maybe slightly controversial, but without that money going to Scotland, we could perhaps keep our own house in order. What are your personal thoughts?

    Comment by Joseph Gibson | March 15, 2008

  3. Well I am a member of the Campaign for an English Parliament, which asks for atleast equality with Scotland, but I think full independence is probably the only sustainable long term option. Any attempts to fiddle together a solution have to annoy someone and will push us apart. No great loss I think.

    On Europe, EFTA not the EU. Conservative MEP Dan Hannan has some interesting thoughts in his telegraph blog normally.

    I think if the Tories want my memebership they will need to go to the right. Tax cuts, out of Europe etc. A lot of Tories share these instincts with me I think, but the leadership need to be bolder. They will almost certainly get my vote in General elections because they are not Labour, but more to do for European elections I’m afraid.

    Comment by secretperson | March 17, 2008

  4. I agree that the Tories should go more to the right, but at the moment, with “call me Dave” in charge, it isn’t looking likely.

    The problem with pulling out of the EU is that it is where European power and influence lies, if we had a leader like Thatcher who basically just bullied them into submission we would be fine, but we don’t! Joining EFTA isn’t really an option, considering our population is more than the other four member states combined!

    I completely agree with English Parliament, as I think at the moment we are fighting a losing battle in terms of fair devolution (i.e. don’t give Scotland so much!)

    Comment by Joseph Gibson | March 27, 2008

  5. I think with us on board EFTA would have a lot more negotiating power, and it may be that the more Eurosceptic Scandinavian countries would be interested in joining us. After all Denmark followed us into the Common Market, due to needing to sell us loads of fish, maybe they’d follow us out.

    Anyway, I don’t think any of this is realistic if even right wing Tories think its not. We should certainly push for major EU reform, CAP and CFP being the top priorities.

    Comment by secretperson | March 27, 2008

  6. If it could work, i’d be massively in favour of pulling out of the EU and creating a seperate free trade agreement with the US, China, India, Japan, Russia and Canada, this would benefit us more than being in partnership with so many countries that don’t have the same interests as us e.g. France and Germany.

    Comment by Joseph Gibson | April 8, 2008

  7. I believe the post you are referring to was mine lol, as you will no doubt be aware I believe Enoch Powell was a greatly misunderstood man and in my humble view… right on the money in his assessment of the perils of unchecked immigration.

    You are right to point out that immigration is a political hot potato, you are damned if you do and damned if you dont. However i think the refusal, or fear, of speaking out over this issue is contributing to the problem we have today. People need to feel free to express a view on immigration as long as it isn’t blatantly racist because racism has no place in party politics or social life.

    Racism is abhorrent, and the zealots, reactionaries and nazis of this country have hijacked a very valid political issue for purely personal prejudices whilst those who want to reform the system for genuine political, social and economic reasons, are unable to do so effectively for fear of being branded a racist.

    As for scottish independence I am opposed on purely patriotic grounds. I feel this island should remain united and its division would be, for me, a great personal shame. That said I am equally opposed to the inequality of the Westminster and Scottish Parliaments. I believe personally that the Westminster Parliament should be supreme, however this is not the case and thus we must adapt to suit the current political frameworks. The powers that Scottish MSP’s have over issues such as education and health should automatically disqualify them entirely from voting on English issues… On a side note imagine how good it would be if Gordon Brown couldnt vote on English matters!

    Comment by Dan | April 11, 2008

  8. Patriotic as I am, I would usually take that point of view on an issue like independence, however, I honestly feel that with the current political climate the best thing to do would be to have an English Parliament, and stop supplementing the rest of the UK.

    In addition to this, I agree with you that racism is completely disgusting, although you will probably notice that on the Birmingham University blog i’ve been accused of anti-Semitism (completely unfounded I might add!)

    Unchecked immigration can’t be stopped at the moment, due to the free movement that is implemented by the EU, and perhaps it can be argued that this is a good enough reason for withdrawal? I’ll let you be the judge.

    Comment by Joseph Gibson | April 24, 2008

  9. “although you will probably notice that on the Birmingham University blog i’ve been accused of anti-Semitism (completely unfounded I might add!”

    Joe… I have been accused of such things myself! So I wouldnt pay much attention to the rantings of certain individuals. As for the EU…. sod them! If I was PM we would tell them how it is going to be like Thatcher did. As she reminded me at a dinner last november Britain and France are the only Nuclear deterrants the EU has. Any european defence force wont get far without us!

    Further we are one of the economic capitals of the world and the EU can ill afford to lose us. We need to make them dance to our tune not the other way round which is currently the case.

    Our borders are a matter of our concern. The EU should be a trading community with a collective voice on matters of global issues. It should be nothing more than a discussion platform like the UN. It is not a superstate and god willing it never will be.

    I am a passionate defender of the free market however i think that there can be limits (as contradictory as this sounds!) We determine what the free market is and we adapt it to suit. Immigration must be checked or this country faces ruin…. even the free market isn’t worth that.

    Comment by Dan | May 13, 2008

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