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Who should McCain choose as his running mate?

I was looking at the CNN website special area “America Votes” and noticed this ( and it got me to thinking who John McCain should choose as his running mate. I’ve read through most of the candidates and to me the obvious choice would be Mitt Romney. Firstly, because I wanted him to be the Republican candidate, and secondly, because he would gain the conservative vote that McCain is so obviously lacking. I’d quite like to know what other people think, and I’m sure everyone will choose to disagree with me!

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  1. I quite agree Romney would make an excellent running mate and would no doubt appeal to the more right wing of his party that McCain is failing to connect with. However I think faced with the prospect of an obama challenge he would need to make a very careful selection… thats why I hope Hillary gets it as a Hillary/Obama ticket would be weaker than a McCain/Romney ticket!

    Comment by Dan | April 11, 2008

  2. I think Lieberman would be an excellent VP running mate. I was republican and now consider myself, independent, voting the “issues” and not the party. I am the 40 something crowd, married, two kids, uppermiddle class. I think Mccain has experience, but his overall demeanor, rather “scares” me, when I think of Iraq and issues of national security. Lieberman brings a “soft” polished, and experienced edge, that would appeal to the more liberal republicans, and the more conservative democrats. It not about “party” it should be about what is best for this country!!

    Comment by Gina | August 23, 2008

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