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London Mayoral Election

After watching the Question Time special for the London Mayor Elections I must admit that I was left thoroughly unimpressed with every candidate! In my personal opinion Brian Paddick looked nothing more than some cocky-just-hit-puberty child, constantly trying to score cheap points and revelling in his own ego. Ken Livingstone is basically what you see is what you get, rubbish. And I must admit that I was left disappointed with Boris Johnson, as, given his televisual career, I expected him to play to the audience and win support from all sides, instead he seemed to emanate the persona that Ken Livingstone would like him portrayed as, bumbling and unco-ordinated.

Of the candidates there was no clear winner, as they all came out looking like losers really, particularly Paddick (how a Lib Dem hopes to win any sort of office is beyond me!). Livingstone seemed to give away a fetish for self-glorifying statistics though, which always wins a smile. I felt Boris was a bit undermined really and that David Dimpleby should have controlled the debate a lot better, although he seemed to get dragged into being Brian Paddick II by his points-winning language.

If anything, this further blurs the contest and who will be the eventual winner, although I do think that Boris had a strong point when highlighting the defeatist attitudes of his rivas when talking about strikes and how to deal with them. I’d personally (quite obviously) like Boris to win, although i’m quite surprised there isn’t a particularly strong minor party candidate because this race seems to be between two candidates, not you Brian, either.

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All hail the EU…

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has today decided to rule that the government now owes Marks and Spencers £3.5m due to wrongly taxing a teacake! Now, I might well be wrong, but surely the ECJ needs to start doing something worthwhile, because this is pathetic. What an absolute waste of time, I just wish that they would do something worthwhile and give the UK back all the money we’ve put into their pathetic little game of who can have the most bureaucratic system in the world.

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