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Alan Duncan

I don’t think anyone should hide their opinions on matters in politics and so I will have to bring up one question that has been constantly plaguing me… Why is this man not party leader?! After watching him on Question Time, in which, in my opinion, he got everything right! It got me to thinking how much happier a lot of Conservatives might well be, at the moment we seem to be led by Centrists who have no real conviction and are just in politics for the money and the media attention (lets hope this isn’t true, but to me, it certainly looks that way).

 We have a shadow Chancellor who many people don’t trust, although I admit when he started out I was a big fan, because he looks so young. And we have a Leader who many people I have spoken to say seems to come across as smarmy and complacent.

Of course, nothing will change with the position that we’re in at the moment, but I just don’t hope that our party ends up cocking things up and leaving these incompetent socialist wannabes in charge for another 5 years and 1 month, come the next general election.

The next leadership race that we have I sincerely hope that Alan Duncan runs, and if he gets to the final two candidates, he will most certainly get my vote.


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For the lack of posts recently, but it is the most crucial point of the year yet again… Exam period! I might well be able to fit a few posts in here an there (hopefully one about Alan Duncan on QT tonight!) but nothing regular, I do apologise, after the end of June it should be back to normal, or maybe even more than usual!

 Damn A Levels!

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What happens next?

So, Boris is Mayor of London and the Conservatives have triumphed quite spectacularly in the local elections, cause for celebration sure, but I must admit i’m not quite as excited for the next general election as I ought to be really. My main problem is with that of the leadership of the greatest political party in British history, now, perhaps I have been living in a dream world, but surely we have no right to gloat until we’ve won a general election?! I mean, Cameron’s interviews on May 1st and 2nd had smugness off the scale, and this is my main problem with our leadership at the moment. In my opinion, the Conservatives are going to fail to win the next election if our leadership (Cameron and Osborne) fail to address that they come across as being smug, conceited, narcissists.

On that note, I must also address that I am absolutely delighted that Boris Johnson has been elected Mayor of London (especially as I will be living there for 4 years come September!) and I sincerely hope that he delivers on his promises and makes London a Conservative haven haha!

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