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Bring back Tony?

Having just read an article on the Times website about the Unions now flexing their muscles within the Labour Party and demanding to be allowed secondary strike rights, I must admit I had to laugh a little. Gordon Brown, “the greatest Chancellor EVER” according to many a Labour activist, is losing grip yet again, and only a week after his supposed relaunch was scuppered by one Mr. David Davis. Things are really bad for Labour, bless ’em, remember what happened last time the Unions flexed these muscles of theirs? – only one word need answer that – Thatcher.

Now it’s time for Labour to decide who they stick with: the Unions, and lose the next general election and possibly even split (remember the gang of four), or the Public, and the lose the next general election and go bankrupt? After all, the Unions made up 88% of Labour Party contributions in the first quarter of this year. So Gordon, the choice is yours, who do you alienate – the voters or the money men?

What made me laugh the most is that this doesn’t sound very New Labour at all, more like Labour under Wilson or Callaghan, over reliance on the Unions is a dangerous game, and it seems that Labour are going to lose out no matter what they do. Now I’m sure I’m not the first person to say this, but this would never have happened under Tony Blair, he most certainly had a way of finding funds and dealing with the Unions, as I’m sure Lord Levy will reveal any day soon!

Labour have certainly done what the Conservatives did in 1990, forced out the greatest Leader they hve had in modern times, and maybe at the time it seemed for the best, but right now I bet Tony is wearing his schoolboy grin that spun him out of so many a controversy.

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    Comment by CM'Blog | June 25, 2008

  2. The public and the unions aren’t necessarily wanting different things. Nobody cares about secondary strike action, but on several issues such as 10p tax band, and some stuff to do with fuel tax, the unions want the same thing as the general public.

    I think this would have happened under Blair. If he didn’t think it was all going to go to shit, he wouldn’t have left. Funding had already started to be an issue.

    Brown is crap at being PM. I would probably prefer a random union boss to him. If he ends up being controlled by the unions (which I do think is unlikely – he’ll run a mile if it seems to be becomming a bigger issue), then he might at least do something.

    His main problem is he just does nothing. He has gone a whole year without doing anything of note (contrast with Boris bringing something in straight away). He’s done nothing that could be reported positively, so it’s all negative for him. I was talking to an American friend, and he didn’t even know who the Prime Minister was now. That wouldn’t have happened to Blair.

    Comment by Rachael | July 2, 2008

  3. I disagree, I can definitely see the Labour Party becoming controlled by the Unions again as they lack direction and leadership, which are two characteristics your party (I assume) severely lack.

    As well as this, I think the Unions and the public do want different things – the public want what is best for the country whereas the Unions want what is best for them.

    However, I do agree that Brown is a ‘crap’ PM, and that he does do nothing, although might well be because he is still recovering from the opposition that he has faced and that took him by surprise, somewhat. Blair was far better, and I think there are many others that could do better, although not neccessarily from within the exhausted Labour Party. Saying this, I am not DC’s biggest fan, and think that the Conservatives would do better to have a different leader, which of course, isn’t going to happen.

    Comment by Joe Gibson | July 2, 2008

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