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Party Conference

Well today I have applied to attend the Party Conference! Hopefully I will go and if this is the case then I cannot wait. If anyone else is going and would like to meet up then don’t hesitate to get in contact – i’m on Facebook as ‘Joseph Michael Gibson’.

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Student Question Time

Well I watched last night and it was proven to me that the BBC completely misrepresent’s students in any way it possibly can. I might be wrong, but the audience last night were¬†certainly of a left-wing bias, this even though if we were to be fully representative then the Right would have been in majority – CF being the largest student political movement in the country and all.

As well as this, the competition winner was an idiot! An arrogant neo-fascist who had no idea of what was practical in modern politics and when he got a bit upset did a bit of shouting like that putrid woman on the end. The answers were generic, e.g ‘oil!’ and I can honestly say IDS actually dominated that panel in terms of answers and substance.

Finally, when are people going to realise that the war in Iraq was the right thing to do! It was just went about in the wrong way! I’m sick of people complaining constantly, Iraq and Afghanistan should always have happened, no matter what your political persuasion. A country is always better liberated than not.

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Today’s Politics

I read an interesting article the other day in which it was stated that whilst Cameron may be concentrating on reforming society and the family, people are only really interested in the economy. Which, ultimately, is true. If there is one thing that Gordon Brown can continually be attacked for, it is the current economic situation, however, believe it or not, if there is one thing we cannot attack Gordon Brown on at the moment, it is the economy.

This is for one plain simple reason, we don’t have any policy! I may be wrong in what I believe but I have always though that government should be about low tax and low state intervention – basically, let people have their own money and let them get on with it in their own way. Admittedly however, I don’t think this will ever happen again, now that we have centralised political parties and an intrusive, nanny state controlling us.

What are the reasons for this? Of course, the Left will scream Thatcher, as they constantly do when struggling to make any sort of criticism of the Right. However, in my opinion the reason for our modern political culture is the creation of the Welfare State in 1945, the Labour Parties crowning achievement, and forever the reason for toasting Clement Atlee and Aneurin Bevan.

In my opinion, whilst the Welfare State was ultimately a ‘nice’ idea, it has failed. All that it has managed to create is a culture of dependency in which there is an ‘underclass’ as Charles Murray might say, who have been inadequately socialised and seek to exploit the system in any way they can so as to run away from working or supporting a family that they procreate far too young, for example at sixteen. Yes, after WW2 our country needed the Welfare State, but at what cost?! Now look at us, our culture comprises of a loss of identity, an increase in crime, an increase in education through the devaluing of further education, and perhaps most telling, an increase in political apathy. Therefore, we are more likely to have been further educated, and still more likely to commit or be the victim of a crime, and even more likely not to care about a political party or what is going on in the world around us!

I think I am going to have to continue to further this piece and the opinions expressed in it over a number of weeks, as this is a week framework of an argument at the moment that needs to be fleshed out so as to give it’s real conclusion in a much stronger fashion. However, for the moment, you get the point, the Welfare State has ultimately ruined us, rather than Thatcherism. More to follow!

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Tory Bear

Looking on our fantastic CF website I found the link to Tory Bear, it’s very good. Blogrolled if anyone would like a look.

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Conservative Future

Now I am sure that when I was voting in our ‘monumental’ CF elections I was wooed by the promises that there would be a concerted effort to make national CF events that everybody could attend (in essence, something in the Midlands) and that the organisation would not be so London-centric… Well, I was duped!

I have more correspondence from ConWayFor then I do from CF, I don’t think, since the elections, I have recieved one e-mail telling me what they intend to be, or rather are, doing. This is pathetic, a national organisation supposedly representing every Conservative under 30 and yet nobody knows what they are doing? I’m sure there is very adequate reasons for this, such as the usual, e.g lack of money, lack of time or even lack of effort.

I must admit that I voted for the Forward Together ticket as I liked what they said, they were a team and so would have clearly been able to work together, and because they seemed like they genuinely cared by going out of their way to make a website, get in touch, and just present what they wanted to do. It was more about us and less about them. To be honest, I don’t regret voting for them and I wish more people had because we wouldn’t have the ghost of a committee that we have now!

The committee need to get their act together, as it is no suprise that we are not, as an organisation taken seriously, by either the Party or the members. A word of advice, get in touch with the members or risk being slated with everything you try and do in the Party later on (although I must excuse ABB from this, she is working on causes on her own it seems).

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