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Student Question Time

Well I watched last night and it was proven to me that the BBC completely misrepresent’s students in any way it possibly can. I might be wrong, but the audience last night were certainly of a left-wing bias, this even though if we were to be fully representative then the Right would have been in majority – CF being the largest student political movement in the country and all.

As well as this, the competition winner was an idiot! An arrogant neo-fascist who had no idea of what was practical in modern politics and when he got a bit upset did a bit of shouting like that putrid woman on the end. The answers were generic, e.g ‘oil!’ and I can honestly say IDS actually dominated that panel in terms of answers and substance.

Finally, when are people going to realise that the war in Iraq was the right thing to do! It was just went about in the wrong way! I’m sick of people complaining constantly, Iraq and Afghanistan should always have happened, no matter what your political persuasion. A country is always better liberated than not.

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  1. The fact that Conservative Future is the largest political youth group doesn’t mean that young people are overly conservative. The main characteristic of lefties is that everyone hates each other and splinters off into loads of different groups, lefty students are split between several different groups.

    Comment by Rachael | July 16, 2008

  2. I agree with Rachael. To illustrate, large student left wing groups that organise nationally include:

    – Labour Students
    – Student RESPECT (Socialist Workers Student Society)
    – Student Broad Left
    – Education Not For Sale
    – Socialist Students

    And yup, they all hate each other. Many labour students even hate Labour Students.

    In addition there are smaller groups like Student Greens, Lib Dem Youth and Students (depending on how left wing the lib dems feel at any particular time), Communist Students, various anarchist groups (they don’t like organising much for some reason). And of course non-partisan groups associated with left wing issues, that loads of leftie students join while remaining disillusioned with partisan left groups. There are quite a few of these, and they vary on different universities, but People & Planet stands out as being the big one nationally.

    Comment by Yorker | July 17, 2008

  3. Ah but if you look at recent research as well it seems that students are now far more likely to vote Conservative – I think the graph is on

    I agree that the left is far more split, and even more so with the current political situation in the UK for sure. However, I do think that on the whole, the BBC and indeed the media as a whole stereotypes students as caring more about animal rights and Iraq than the economy and social issues such as the family.

    I don’t know if you saw it but I personally thought that the student question time was a shambles, and I have no idea how that idiot won. I hate the fact that everytime someone says ‘we went to Iraq for oil’ there are huge rounds of applause from the audience… every week! I just wish something new would happen!

    Comment by Joseph Gibson | July 17, 2008

  4. In my view, that all makes perfect sense.

    The majority of students won’t be very interested in politics and won’t be particularly passionate one way or another. More of these students will vote Conservative, since the majority are from more affluent backgrounds and will have been brought up in that way. However, they will not participate in politics any further than voting. More of those who are more interested in politics, and so more likely to make a noise, are on the left.

    As part of current trends across all the public, I do think there is a growth in the number of actively Conservative students, and I agree that the stereotype of leftie students is out of date.

    Also, the list of Left Wing student groups above missed out Young Fabians, which is a big one, and Question Time is totally stupid and no one should watch it.

    Comment by Rachael | July 18, 2008

  5. Well the graph, I should really put it on, shows a huge decline in Liberal Democrat students but a healthy rise in Conservatives. I suppose this should really be expected, but I certianly think deferential Conservatism has all but ended.

    I can’t have that said about Question Time, I think it is just about the best show on the BBC, and long may it continue!

    Comment by Joseph Gibson | July 18, 2008

  6. How can you get fired from a company you started Well, as Apple grew we hired someone who I thought was very talented to run the company with me, and for the first year or so things went well.

    Comment by Aaron Luperiasie | December 24, 2011

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