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For the lack of posts recently, but it is the most crucial point of the year yet again… Exam period! I might well be able to fit a few posts in here an there (hopefully one about Alan Duncan on QT tonight!) but nothing regular, I do apologise, after the end of June it should be back to normal, or maybe even more than usual!

 Damn A Levels!

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What happens next?

So, Boris is Mayor of London and the Conservatives have triumphed quite spectacularly in the local elections, cause for celebration sure, but I must admit i’m not quite as excited for the next general election as I ought to be really. My main problem is with that of the leadership of the greatest political party in British history, now, perhaps I have been living in a dream world, but surely we have no right to gloat until we’ve won a general election?! I mean, Cameron’s interviews on May 1st and 2nd had smugness off the scale, and this is my main problem with our leadership at the moment. In my opinion, the Conservatives are going to fail to win the next election if our leadership (Cameron and Osborne) fail to address that they come across as being smug, conceited, narcissists.

On that note, I must also address that I am absolutely delighted that Boris Johnson has been elected Mayor of London (especially as I will be living there for 4 years come September!) and I sincerely hope that he delivers on his promises and makes London a Conservative haven haha!

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London Mayoral Election

After watching the Question Time special for the London Mayor Elections I must admit that I was left thoroughly unimpressed with every candidate! In my personal opinion Brian Paddick looked nothing more than some cocky-just-hit-puberty child, constantly trying to score cheap points and revelling in his own ego. Ken Livingstone is basically what you see is what you get, rubbish. And I must admit that I was left disappointed with Boris Johnson, as, given his televisual career, I expected him to play to the audience and win support from all sides, instead he seemed to emanate the persona that Ken Livingstone would like him portrayed as, bumbling and unco-ordinated.

Of the candidates there was no clear winner, as they all came out looking like losers really, particularly Paddick (how a Lib Dem hopes to win any sort of office is beyond me!). Livingstone seemed to give away a fetish for self-glorifying statistics though, which always wins a smile. I felt Boris was a bit undermined really and that David Dimpleby should have controlled the debate a lot better, although he seemed to get dragged into being Brian Paddick II by his points-winning language.

If anything, this further blurs the contest and who will be the eventual winner, although I do think that Boris had a strong point when highlighting the defeatist attitudes of his rivas when talking about strikes and how to deal with them. I’d personally (quite obviously) like Boris to win, although i’m quite surprised there isn’t a particularly strong minor party candidate because this race seems to be between two candidates, not you Brian, either.

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All hail the EU…

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has today decided to rule that the government now owes Marks and Spencers £3.5m due to wrongly taxing a teacake! Now, I might well be wrong, but surely the ECJ needs to start doing something worthwhile, because this is pathetic. What an absolute waste of time, I just wish that they would do something worthwhile and give the UK back all the money we’ve put into their pathetic little game of who can have the most bureaucratic system in the world.

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Who should McCain choose as his running mate?

I was looking at the CNN website special area “America Votes” and noticed this ( and it got me to thinking who John McCain should choose as his running mate. I’ve read through most of the candidates and to me the obvious choice would be Mitt Romney. Firstly, because I wanted him to be the Republican candidate, and secondly, because he would gain the conservative vote that McCain is so obviously lacking. I’d quite like to know what other people think, and I’m sure everyone will choose to disagree with me!

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The most controversial topic in British politics, seemingly…

I read recently an article on the Birmingham University Blog about Enoch Powell, and the first thing I thought was that this is a can of worms that is always open, yet never properly talked about. It’s always argued, and yet never properly. In my opinion, Enoch Powell was one of the greatest and most articulate post-war politicians to have graced our land, when you talk of conviction politicians, it would be fair to say there is no greater than Powell.

Blair, Brown, Cameron and Clegg – give me Powell or Thatcher any day!

To be honest, immigration is so horribly controversial, no-one will ever be right. It’s terrible really, say anything anti-Immigration, and you are a foaming-from-the-mouth, hood wearing racialist, say anything pro-Immigration, you are surrendering the British national identity. And this is why I am choosing to say nothing, until I get into Parliament!

I’d be interested if any readers would like to leave their comments and opinions on Immigration, I’d be really interested in knowing what the consensus view is, so get posting people!

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Conservative Future 2

Well, the vote went as follows:


Michael Rock   –   291
Daryl Williams   –   249
Matt Richardson   –   228

National Management Executive

Christian May   –   413
Adele Douglas   –   400
Owen Meredith   –   380
Steve Ricketts   –   378
Anastasia Beaumont-Bott   –   358
Patrick Sullivan   –   347

Matt Lewis   –   339
Karen Allen   –   323
Charlie Groome   –   320
Craig Cox   –   299
Anne-Marie Bray   –   273

I don’t really know what to think just yet, obviously, the Chairman I was backing didn’t win, so I suppose I’ll just have to wait and see what comes of our new Conservative Future “team”. Hopefully they’ll all deliver on their promises, and hopefully I’ll never hear “Vote for me, I wasn’t born Torie” again in my life. I wish them all the best of luck and can say now that I’m excited for the year ahead with our new-look leadership. Pretty disappointed Karen Allen didn’t get back in though, she seemed to know what she was talking about.

 Ah well, good luck, and lets hope the Conservative Future is taken more seriously as a political force from this point onwards!

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Lately it has came to my attention that if I were to carry out some sort of “content analysis” on the BBC website, when it comes to political stories, there is most certainly a left-of-centre bias which seemingly tries to play down stories of a failing Labour government, and yet when something sleaze-related happens to the Tories (on the off chance) they jump on it as if there was a League-of-gentlemenesque nosebleed epidemic! It’s a bit disgraceful really, especially when they are bound by law to be politically neutral. Makes me glad I don’t have to be neutral, that would be far too hard with Mr Incompetence G. Brown in charge of our great nation! Oh and if anyone was interested I decided to go for a few Forward Together members on the CF Elections and then just a couple I liked, hopefully 4 of the 7 I voted will get in, because thats a pretty good average really!

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Conservative Future

The American primaries and caucuses are happening right now in America, and for the past half a year or so we’ve heard non-stop how its “time for change” or, fancy a bit of “change you can believe in”? The problem with elections nowadays is that everybody is saying the same thing! What better example of this than in the UK, centralised politics leads to everyone stating they have a “vision” and need “time to deliver their promises”, quite frankly, sometimes I sit and think politics is getting a bit boring.

And now to make it worse, with the Conservative Future elections in full swing, how many more times am I going to hear “I wasn’t born a Conservative” or “I wasn’t brought up Conservative”, should I be sat here rejoicing in the fact that someone else made a conscious decision to join something they agree with?! If that is the best possible tactic to get voted for then there is worrying times ahead for us young Tories. The election in 2030 and we hear at every speech “I wasn’t born a Conservative”, we haven’t got a chance.

Change the tune, its like a broken record.

*And if anyone is interested in the votes that I have decided on, I am going to vote Matthew Richardson for the top job, and I’m largely undecided for the NME, until I hear someone say “I was born a Conservative, and I’ll always be a Conservative”. Or even just, “I want your vote so that I can…” – Come on, someone help me out here!

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Kosovo has finally got its own independence, good on it! Maybe now its time for Scotland to follow suit and have complete devolution? I think so…

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