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Lately it has came to my attention that if I were to carry out some sort of “content analysis” on the BBC website, when it comes to political stories, there is most certainly a left-of-centre bias which seemingly tries to play down stories of a failing Labour government, and yet when something sleaze-related happens to the Tories (on the off chance) they jump on it as if there was a League-of-gentlemenesque nosebleed epidemic! It’s a bit disgraceful really, especially when they are bound by law to be politically neutral. Makes me glad I don’t have to be neutral, that would be far too hard with Mr Incompetence G. Brown in charge of our great nation! Oh and if anyone was interested I decided to go for a few Forward Together members on the CF Elections and then just a couple I liked, hopefully 4 of the 7 I voted will get in, because thats a pretty good average really!

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