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Now I am sure that when I was voting in our ‘monumental’ CF elections I was wooed by the promises that there would be a concerted effort to make national CF events that everybody could attend (in essence, something in the Midlands) and that the organisation would not be so London-centric… Well, I was duped!

I have more correspondence from ConWayFor then I do from CF, I don’t think, since the elections, I have recieved one e-mail telling me what they intend to be, or rather are, doing. This is pathetic, a national organisation supposedly representing every Conservative under 30 and yet nobody knows what they are doing? I’m sure there is very adequate reasons for this, such as the usual, e.g lack of money, lack of time or even lack of effort.

I must admit that I voted for the Forward Together ticket as I liked what they said, they were a team and so would have clearly been able to work together, and because they seemed like they genuinely cared by going out of their way to make a website, get in touch, and just present what they wanted to do. It was more about us and less about them. To be honest, I don’t regret voting for them and I wish more people had because we wouldn’t have the ghost of a committee that we have now!

The committee need to get their act together, as it is no suprise that we are not, as an organisation taken seriously, by either the Party or the members. A word of advice, get in touch with the members or risk being slated with everything you try and do in the Party later on (although I must excuse ABB from this, she is working on causes on her own it seems).


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The first of many blogs, hopefully…

Well, it’s the first ever blog and so I shall address something that is particularly important to me; the Education system. As a student, I feel i’m in quite a good position to criticise what I believe is a failing Labour system. I am completely against the Labour Policy that 50% of young people should be in University as I strongly believe that only the best should be there! If you, reader, can give me a strong argument for the amount of people going to University on, as Boris Johnson put it, “Mickey Mouse courses” then fair play, I will retract this blog, however, I fail to see how it can possibly be good for our country that everyone has a degree and that the best students are being discriminated against in the name of positive discrimination?!

Now, this might well be controversial (although only to those who recieve it) but i hate EMA! Why on earth should the taxpayer be giving their hard earned money away for someone to recieve ‘my first Handout’, it’s a disgrace! What I propose would be a far better solution would be to have an incentives based system, in which, if students attain the best grades they are rewarded with the money that those who recieve EMA are getting. For example, teachers should set work every week, and if the children return this work and gain high grades such as A’s and B’s, then they should recieve the bonus of the ten or thirty pounds a week that others are for turning up and distracting others.

I am by no means saying that if a child needs money to get to college don’t give it to them, far from it, in fact, if the said child presents bus tickets and receipts showing that they have bought what they need for college, and, if they fall in between what is deemed an income in which the money is needed, then yes, give them that money back. However, it is not right and should never be considered right that the system is punishing children who are born into families where they get opportunities, and where it is so easily exploited it is drank away every weekend, whilst other students, who don’t recieve EMA, are working their fingers to the bone in the hope of making something of themselves and getting to the best universities.

In my opinion, individualism and competition gains better results, yes, it is fine to present a level playing field, however, if you do find better students, then give them the chance to go as far as they can! Rather than wasting time on students who are only there for the money, give backing to the students who are going to reward the country by becoming doctors, barristers, nurses, teachers etc.

Finally, as I have already shown my dislike fpr the Educational Maintenance Allowance, I will make my final point, bring back Grammar Schools! They are the only possible way to foster the competitiveness that our country needs to be great again, take the students on the basis of their Year 6 SATs though, and not on the basis of an 11+ test that is easily manipulated to favour the advantaged, because, after all, we want education to be competitive, not exploited.

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