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What’s going on?

Well, we’ve now been told that, by all respectable predictions, our country will be going into a recession by next year. Now, for once, i’m not in the mood for criticizing Gordon Brown and the Labour government, to be honest, there doesn’t seem to be anyone not to criticise, we’re all pointing the finger at each other and no one seems to have any ideas about how we’re going to get out of this mess.

It hurts me to say it but my own Party is just as useless at the rest, instead of providing ideas for how we can sort ourselves out, it’s just the same old government-bashing that the public must surely be tired of. I dislike a Labour government just as much as any Conservative, but now is not the time. Who really cares about Mandelson and Osborne and their love of Russian Aluminium magnates? Not me. I care more about my country, and the economic threat that we are encountering at the moment.

Personally, I think that the appointment of Mandelson is a masterstroke, the man is something of a political genius. He knows who to back, what to do, how to do it, and what’s more, he doesn’t care about who he upsets, as Gordon Brown well knows. I honestly congratulate the PM on this appointment, and if I was to make any criticism of the recent re-shuffle it would be that Darling was not shifted, as he is clearly not the man for the job.

Finally, we all complain about the EU from time to time, but now is surely the time this supranational organisation can come good? Free movement of persons, trade and goods… surely what is needed in times of an economic downturn? Let’s just get Thatcherite and sort this mess out, come on Britain!

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Party Conference

Well today I have applied to attend the Party Conference! Hopefully I will go and if this is the case then I cannot wait. If anyone else is going and would like to meet up then don’t hesitate to get in contact – i’m on Facebook as ‘Joseph Michael Gibson’.

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Student Question Time

Well I watched last night and it was proven to me that the BBC completely misrepresent’s students in any way it possibly can. I might be wrong, but the audience last night were certainly of a left-wing bias, this even though if we were to be fully representative then the Right would have been in majority – CF being the largest student political movement in the country and all.

As well as this, the competition winner was an idiot! An arrogant neo-fascist who had no idea of what was practical in modern politics and when he got a bit upset did a bit of shouting like that putrid woman on the end. The answers were generic, e.g ‘oil!’ and I can honestly say IDS actually dominated that panel in terms of answers and substance.

Finally, when are people going to realise that the war in Iraq was the right thing to do! It was just went about in the wrong way! I’m sick of people complaining constantly, Iraq and Afghanistan should always have happened, no matter what your political persuasion. A country is always better liberated than not.

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Today’s Politics

I read an interesting article the other day in which it was stated that whilst Cameron may be concentrating on reforming society and the family, people are only really interested in the economy. Which, ultimately, is true. If there is one thing that Gordon Brown can continually be attacked for, it is the current economic situation, however, believe it or not, if there is one thing we cannot attack Gordon Brown on at the moment, it is the economy.

This is for one plain simple reason, we don’t have any policy! I may be wrong in what I believe but I have always though that government should be about low tax and low state intervention – basically, let people have their own money and let them get on with it in their own way. Admittedly however, I don’t think this will ever happen again, now that we have centralised political parties and an intrusive, nanny state controlling us.

What are the reasons for this? Of course, the Left will scream Thatcher, as they constantly do when struggling to make any sort of criticism of the Right. However, in my opinion the reason for our modern political culture is the creation of the Welfare State in 1945, the Labour Parties crowning achievement, and forever the reason for toasting Clement Atlee and Aneurin Bevan.

In my opinion, whilst the Welfare State was ultimately a ‘nice’ idea, it has failed. All that it has managed to create is a culture of dependency in which there is an ‘underclass’ as Charles Murray might say, who have been inadequately socialised and seek to exploit the system in any way they can so as to run away from working or supporting a family that they procreate far too young, for example at sixteen. Yes, after WW2 our country needed the Welfare State, but at what cost?! Now look at us, our culture comprises of a loss of identity, an increase in crime, an increase in education through the devaluing of further education, and perhaps most telling, an increase in political apathy. Therefore, we are more likely to have been further educated, and still more likely to commit or be the victim of a crime, and even more likely not to care about a political party or what is going on in the world around us!

I think I am going to have to continue to further this piece and the opinions expressed in it over a number of weeks, as this is a week framework of an argument at the moment that needs to be fleshed out so as to give it’s real conclusion in a much stronger fashion. However, for the moment, you get the point, the Welfare State has ultimately ruined us, rather than Thatcherism. More to follow!

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Brown Bashing

Well basically it is all the Labour Parties own fault, however, the way the media has turned on the leader that they supported has been quite astounding, not since Gary Glitter has someone fell from grace so severely, and aggressively. Obviously, as a Conservative, it doesn’t particularly bother me that much that Labour’s last great hope (who next – Miliband? Balls? HARMAN?!) is taking such a battering, in fact, i’m quite partial to participating myself! However, I do feel some sympathy for Brown as a man, how long is it before there is a very public breakdown? With this much scrutiny and this much pressure, it wouldn’t surprise me if there was a certain political leader sectioned under the mental health act – after all, he is now a danger to society!

Oh well, here’s to June 09, when hopefully we won’t be in too much of a mess… Let’s just hope we’ve recovered a bit as a nation by then.

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Alan Duncan

I don’t think anyone should hide their opinions on matters in politics and so I will have to bring up one question that has been constantly plaguing me… Why is this man not party leader?! After watching him on Question Time, in which, in my opinion, he got everything right! It got me to thinking how much happier a lot of Conservatives might well be, at the moment we seem to be led by Centrists who have no real conviction and are just in politics for the money and the media attention (lets hope this isn’t true, but to me, it certainly looks that way).

 We have a shadow Chancellor who many people don’t trust, although I admit when he started out I was a big fan, because he looks so young. And we have a Leader who many people I have spoken to say seems to come across as smarmy and complacent.

Of course, nothing will change with the position that we’re in at the moment, but I just don’t hope that our party ends up cocking things up and leaving these incompetent socialist wannabes in charge for another 5 years and 1 month, come the next general election.

The next leadership race that we have I sincerely hope that Alan Duncan runs, and if he gets to the final two candidates, he will most certainly get my vote.


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London Mayoral Election

After watching the Question Time special for the London Mayor Elections I must admit that I was left thoroughly unimpressed with every candidate! In my personal opinion Brian Paddick looked nothing more than some cocky-just-hit-puberty child, constantly trying to score cheap points and revelling in his own ego. Ken Livingstone is basically what you see is what you get, rubbish. And I must admit that I was left disappointed with Boris Johnson, as, given his televisual career, I expected him to play to the audience and win support from all sides, instead he seemed to emanate the persona that Ken Livingstone would like him portrayed as, bumbling and unco-ordinated.

Of the candidates there was no clear winner, as they all came out looking like losers really, particularly Paddick (how a Lib Dem hopes to win any sort of office is beyond me!). Livingstone seemed to give away a fetish for self-glorifying statistics though, which always wins a smile. I felt Boris was a bit undermined really and that David Dimpleby should have controlled the debate a lot better, although he seemed to get dragged into being Brian Paddick II by his points-winning language.

If anything, this further blurs the contest and who will be the eventual winner, although I do think that Boris had a strong point when highlighting the defeatist attitudes of his rivas when talking about strikes and how to deal with them. I’d personally (quite obviously) like Boris to win, although i’m quite surprised there isn’t a particularly strong minor party candidate because this race seems to be between two candidates, not you Brian, either.

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All hail the EU…

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has today decided to rule that the government now owes Marks and Spencers £3.5m due to wrongly taxing a teacake! Now, I might well be wrong, but surely the ECJ needs to start doing something worthwhile, because this is pathetic. What an absolute waste of time, I just wish that they would do something worthwhile and give the UK back all the money we’ve put into their pathetic little game of who can have the most bureaucratic system in the world.

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Who should McCain choose as his running mate?

I was looking at the CNN website special area “America Votes” and noticed this ( and it got me to thinking who John McCain should choose as his running mate. I’ve read through most of the candidates and to me the obvious choice would be Mitt Romney. Firstly, because I wanted him to be the Republican candidate, and secondly, because he would gain the conservative vote that McCain is so obviously lacking. I’d quite like to know what other people think, and I’m sure everyone will choose to disagree with me!

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The most controversial topic in British politics, seemingly…

I read recently an article on the Birmingham University Blog about Enoch Powell, and the first thing I thought was that this is a can of worms that is always open, yet never properly talked about. It’s always argued, and yet never properly. In my opinion, Enoch Powell was one of the greatest and most articulate post-war politicians to have graced our land, when you talk of conviction politicians, it would be fair to say there is no greater than Powell.

Blair, Brown, Cameron and Clegg – give me Powell or Thatcher any day!

To be honest, immigration is so horribly controversial, no-one will ever be right. It’s terrible really, say anything anti-Immigration, and you are a foaming-from-the-mouth, hood wearing racialist, say anything pro-Immigration, you are surrendering the British national identity. And this is why I am choosing to say nothing, until I get into Parliament!

I’d be interested if any readers would like to leave their comments and opinions on Immigration, I’d be really interested in knowing what the consensus view is, so get posting people!

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