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This Past Week

A number of things have caught my attention this week and I hope to address them in this short blog!

1. McDonald’s Qualifications – I must admit, I was a bit behind when it came to this news, however, rather than everybody who seems to believe this is a disgrace, I fully support it. The main reason for this is something I put to a friend in college who was totally against the idea – just what is the difference between this and travel and tourism, which is a recognised A Level? The answer it seems, is that a major worldwide company is giving the qualification rather than AQA or another exam board. That sounds ludicrous to me! I can honestly say that this country has already downgraded education too much to even dare to complain when an initiative like this is thought of! 50% of children in education?! Get them down to McDonald’s!

2. Ken Clarke – after seeing Ken on Question Time, it made me wonder, whatever happened to politicians like Mr Clarke, who were honest and articulate when answering questions, rather than creating a straw man from the other party? Maybe MPs such as Mr.Miliband should take note, it might do them some good.

3. The US Elections – It’s all hotting up over the Atlantic! And I’m extremely excited that I am actually going to be in Washington DC for Super Tuesday! Hopefully I’ll be able to put some pictures up on here under a new page. Personally, I hope Hilary Clinton wins, because rather than just talking about hope and change, she has policies to back them up. I’d like to see Mitt Romney win the Republican nomination because I believe him to be an excellent politician, Reagan-esque some might argue.

4. Cameron and Thatcher – earlier this week, David Cameron found time to praise Thatcher declaring her to have “rescued Britain’s greatness”, I most certainly agree, I just can’t help but wish that our party would become a bit more right wing though. It’s an awful period in British politics at the moment, because we are all central! I don’t particularly like central politics and I really do hope that we start to move ourselves slowly back to the right if or when elected to government.

5. Finally, as I am going to be in Washington all of next week, not getting back until Saturday, there won’t be any blogs in this time. However, when I do get back I hope to report on what the mood of the Americans is, and who most hope to see in the White House.

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