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Party Conference

Well today I have applied to attend the Party Conference! Hopefully I will go and if this is the case then I cannot wait. If anyone else is going and would like to meet up then don’t hesitate to get in contact – i’m on Facebook as ‘Joseph Michael Gibson’.

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Student Question Time

Well I watched last night and it was proven to me that the BBC completely misrepresent’s students in any way it possibly can. I might be wrong, but the audience last night were certainly of a left-wing bias, this even though if we were to be fully representative then the Right would have been in majority – CF being the largest student political movement in the country and all.

As well as this, the competition winner was an idiot! An arrogant neo-fascist who had no idea of what was practical in modern politics and when he got a bit upset did a bit of shouting like that putrid woman on the end. The answers were generic, e.g ‘oil!’ and I can honestly say IDS actually dominated that panel in terms of answers and substance.

Finally, when are people going to realise that the war in Iraq was the right thing to do! It was just went about in the wrong way! I’m sick of people complaining constantly, Iraq and Afghanistan should always have happened, no matter what your political persuasion. A country is always better liberated than not.

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Brown Bashing

Well basically it is all the Labour Parties own fault, however, the way the media has turned on the leader that they supported has been quite astounding, not since Gary Glitter has someone fell from grace so severely, and aggressively. Obviously, as a Conservative, it doesn’t particularly bother me that much that Labour’s last great hope (who next – Miliband? Balls? HARMAN?!) is taking such a battering, in fact, i’m quite partial to participating myself! However, I do feel some sympathy for Brown as a man, how long is it before there is a very public breakdown? With this much scrutiny and this much pressure, it wouldn’t surprise me if there was a certain political leader sectioned under the mental health act – after all, he is now a danger to society!

Oh well, here’s to June 09, when hopefully we won’t be in too much of a mess… Let’s just hope we’ve recovered a bit as a nation by then.

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Bring back Tony?

Having just read an article on the Times website about the Unions now flexing their muscles within the Labour Party and demanding to be allowed secondary strike rights, I must admit I had to laugh a little. Gordon Brown, “the greatest Chancellor EVER” according to many a Labour activist, is losing grip yet again, and only a week after his supposed relaunch was scuppered by one Mr. David Davis. Things are really bad for Labour, bless ’em, remember what happened last time the Unions flexed these muscles of theirs? – only one word need answer that – Thatcher.

Now it’s time for Labour to decide who they stick with: the Unions, and lose the next general election and possibly even split (remember the gang of four), or the Public, and the lose the next general election and go bankrupt? After all, the Unions made up 88% of Labour Party contributions in the first quarter of this year. So Gordon, the choice is yours, who do you alienate – the voters or the money men?

What made me laugh the most is that this doesn’t sound very New Labour at all, more like Labour under Wilson or Callaghan, over reliance on the Unions is a dangerous game, and it seems that Labour are going to lose out no matter what they do. Now I’m sure I’m not the first person to say this, but this would never have happened under Tony Blair, he most certainly had a way of finding funds and dealing with the Unions, as I’m sure Lord Levy will reveal any day soon!

Labour have certainly done what the Conservatives did in 1990, forced out the greatest Leader they hve had in modern times, and maybe at the time it seemed for the best, but right now I bet Tony is wearing his schoolboy grin that spun him out of so many a controversy.

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